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    Customer Testimonials

    Read what KJAY Internet Marketing customer’s are saying about the services they have received.KJAY Madison WI Marketing Website, Website Designer Madison Wisconsin

    Mark A

    I’m a building contractor in Northwest Wisconsin & had K-jay build a website for my business.  Kim’s knowledge of internet marketing brought tremendous traffic through my site. It’s important that our customers see the work we do through pictures. K-jay set up easy to navigate galleries & slide shows that really grab your attention. I was most impressed with the resources & tools Kim used to create a custom website that is easy to navigate & easy to find for our customers. I would not hesitate to hire K-jay’s services again.


    I own a dance studio in the Madison area, and Kim from K-jay has been a huge help to the growing success of our business. Since getting our website up and running our student enrollment has more than doubled.  Kim has helped to make our website more user friendly, and has designed it in such a way to increase our popularity with the various search engines. She has also set up Pay Per Click with Google, which has proved to be a great tool for getting more traffic to our website! We are continuely amazed with Kim’s knowlege and creativity and will continue to use her services for as long as possible. I would highly recommend Kim’s services to any business.

    Joan Ek

    I am a new business startup in the Fox Cities area of Wisconsin. Kim was recommended to me, and after talking with her regarding my needs, I knew I was working with a competent, knowledgeable professional.   She has helped me to launch my business in a timely manner, provide exceptional guidance, and I absolutely love the “look and feel” of the website! We had to work through some very challenging situations, and the collaborative effort is paying off.  I feel confident I’m communicating what I’m about and projecting the image I want to.  I cannot thank her, or recommend her enough!

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    • K Jay Internet Marketing Solutions of Madison, WI has taken my oh-um website and created a marketing tool that blows my competition away! Kim has worked from the ground up to revamp my website with Company Brand Marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Graphic Design as well as Website Directory Listings and Pay Per Click Ads on Google. It has proven to increase my website traffic by leaps.

      Kim knows her stuff and is FAST. What she is able to do in a few hours would take me weeks, that’s why she’s the expert. She has generated hits to my site using YouTube videos and content rich copy that she has created for my unique business niche. In addition Kim lead me to doing a press release and new venues of business and traffic that I never would have thought of.

      Most importantly K Jay Internet Marketing Solutions has educated me so that now I can manage my own site and able to monitor traffic, leads and updates on my own. Additionally Kim has me blogging and using Social Media Marketing which I found intimidating before her expert help.

      I continue to use K Jay to support my online presence and website needs and find it the best investment in my time and marketing dollars. I highly recommend K Jay Internet Marketing Solutions of Madison, WI to increase rankings bringing you more business!

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