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    K Jay Internet Marketing Solutions offer’s marketing and website advice that will put you ahead of your competition.  Specializing in small businesses with limited budgets, we can show you how to improve your overall marketing goals, internet presence and brand marketing efforts.   Even with a small marketing budget, your ornaziations marketing efforts can improve your company’s bottom line.

    Here are a few things K Jay Internet Marketing Consultants can assist you with:

    • Company Brand Marketing.  We will take your team through the series of steps which will help identify what sets your company apart from the rest.  We will then lead you in the direction of applying your new marketing brand statement in your existing marketing plan, promoting your new identify to the world!
    • Email Marketing.  Seperate your customer base into specific groups.  Your customer each have different needs and/or interests.  We recommend that you speak to your customers differently, sending messages that appeal to their specific interests will help you close more sales.  Email marketing is a great tool to interact with your customers, share specials and/or comppany news  and help maintain your customer base.  Viral marketing can help you grow your customer base and get your customers to share your specials with their friends and family through a referring link.
    • Natural organic search results will improve when you incorporate  SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  Each page of your website should be optimized with compelling copy, specific keywords that identiy your specific services.  SEO improves your website’s internet rankings within the search engines.
    • Free Website Directory Listings.  Get listed if you are not listed and optimize your listings with hotos, logo, brand marketing and encourage reviews.
    • Local Directory Listings.  Google Maps, Local Yahoo, Google Local, etc.
    • Blog services.  Face Book Fan Page.  Customer Reviews / Tesimonials allow customers to comment about your services on your website.  We will set your employees up as the moderator.
    • Teach you how to monitor your website traffic.  Referring links, popular landing and exit pages along with additional reporting tools, setting website goals, etc.   We will teach you how and be available to offer additional training as needed.
    • Do you need more Sales Leads?  We provide business development and prospecting services.  Let us supply your company with qualified leads that have a need for your services.
    • Pay Per Click Ads on Google and Yahoo.  To help your website get off to a new start and get through the growing pains, I suggest you consider pay per click ads.  These are ads that would appear on google or yahoo when a visitor searches for specific words that represent your business.  Geographical targeting can be set up as well so you only run ads within a specific zip code or region and not running ads around the world.
    • Graphic Design.  Creating ads, banner ads, flyers, brochures, etc. that showcase your consistent brand marketing efforts.

    K Jay Internet Marketing  Solutions of Madison, WI.  Offering website assistance, small business marketing consulting, marketing advice, graphic design, website design services, innovative ideas and so much more.

    Call today 608-215-0047 or email