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“I worked with Innformation Systems for two years at a resort prior to my position here at GWC [George Williams College].  I found the support for the Innfusion software top notch!  Their motto “It’s not about the Technology – it’s about the Talent behind it!” speaks the truth.  What impresses me most, is the ability to pick up the phone, and receive an immediate response to a question.  These folks understand customer service!  When arriving at my new location, I found a need for client software that our staff could work with and be up and running quickly.  Again, Innformation Systems came through and their training and support is fantastic.”

~ Bill Paladino
Director of Conference Sales and Services ~ George Williams College of Aurora Univeristy

“They [the InnfusionWebinars] are great!  Our sales team usually sits in one office and listens in on the webinars together.”
” The Presenter is very helpful, patient and thorough in presentations.  I feel that they give a ‘one-on-one’ type approach to training, which is quite helpful.”
“I like that you guys are willing to stick around and cover more details if we need a little more understanding.”
“I enjoy learning all about Innfusion and using it to make sales easier for us.”
I like the InnfusionWebinars!  Simply, “the fact that you do them!  At my last property, we had a different system and never knew of updates until we played around in the system and found them!”
“The Webinars help me out extremely, as before they came along I was the one at our property teaching everyone Innfsuio nand now I can simply sign them up for a Webinar and help them when they have questions!  This has saved me a lot of my time.”

“Thank you for your help, you’ve helped me out with a lot of my questions.”
“Excellent staff – always ready and willing to help at the drop of a hat.  Your response time is #1 in my book.  Keep up the good work and thank you all for making my job so easy!”
“I love Innfusion and the excellent service that comes with it.  Innformation Systems is a business that cares about how well its products are understood and used.  The caring really shows and is genuine.”
“The staff is AWESOME!!  Very informative, friendly and get to my questions right away.  I never have to wait, simply OUTSTANDING!!!.”