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    Q & A

    Does your business need to improve your internet marketing presence?  We have created a list of helpful Questions to ask and consider.

    Question: How much business does your current website bring in?   Are you servicing current customers and bringing in new customers weekly?

    If you answered No to either of these questions, call K Jay Internet Marketing Solutions Services “We can help!”

    Question: How much do you know about your competition?  Are they using sponsored search engine ads to increase their wallet share of your customer base?  Have they recently added a new website or improved their online search engine presence?

    If you answered Yes to either of these questions, K Jay Internet Marketing Solutions offers Website Consulting Services that can help!

    Question: Are you marketing to your customers interests?  Sending relevant messages to the various customer groups that utilize your services?  Building a customer email database and mailing database to send off specials that matter in a preferred method of communication chosen by your customers?

    If you answered “No” to these questions, K Jay offers Web Advisors that will help with your website marketing needs.

    Question: Who designed your companies marketing messages and advertisement slogans; upper management or your best customers and employees?

    If you answered upper management, K Jay offers Web Marketing Services that provide effective team building tools.  Gathering important opinions, feedback from your employees and customers to develop insightful marketing messages and develop brand awareness that will help you promote your small business on and off the internet.

    Question: Are you still using only traditional methods of marketing; printed brochures and literature that requires postage and increases your printing budget each year?

    If you answered YES, KJay features Website Marketing Services that will turn your marketing material into online marketing electronic brochures which can be added to your website and sent via email to customer requests.  Saving your company money and responding to your customer’s request almost immediately.

    Question: When is the last time you made changes to your business website?

    If you answered less than a month ago, ask K Jay features Website Solutions and advise on how you can update your website on a regular basis. Improve search engine presense and promote current specials that matter now. Consider a business blog, new photographs that cater to your companies current specials or promotions, adding customer reviews to your website (online word of mouth referrals) and/or fresh new content that speaks to your customer’s interests.

    K Jay Internet Marketing Solutions of Madison, WI.  Consulting, SEO (Search Engine Optimization Expert), Network Marketing, Email Marketing, Online Advertisements (Pay per Click Campaign Services for Google and Yahoo), Company Blog Design and Services and more.  Friendly and professional website advise that will help you improve your bottom line, increase customer and brand awareness and teach members of your organization along the way.  K Jay wants to work with your business which includes educating your employees.

    K Jay Internet Marketing Solutions.  Professional Website Marketing Services, located near Madison, Wisconsin.  Website assistance, a Small Business Marketing Consultant, Website Design Services, Graphic Design, Improving your websites rankings within the search engines.

    Call today 608-215-0047 or email