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    K Jay Internet Marketing Solutions of Madison, WI assists small businesses with their internet marketing campaigns.  Specializin in website marketing solutions for the service industry, a background in hospitality, property management, travel and and customer service industries.  KJay Internet Marketing Solutions can help whether you are just starting a brand new small business or desire to expand your existing business with brand new business development solutions.  We offer Small Business Consulting Services can help make a difference to your organizations bottom line and coach you along the way.  It takes more than just building a website.  Marketing your website on the internet requires ongoing with possibilities from ever changing technology available to your company on the world wide web.

    Internet Marketing, Small Business Solutions and Online Marketing Consultant.

    KJay Internet Marketing Solutions, known as an innovative idea generator, will help your company think out of the box and set your organization apart from your competition.  You will not only improve your company’s marketing initiatives, but your employee’s marketing skill set as we coach you along the way.  Your customer’s will appreciate your new internet marketing knowledge as they expect to be spoken to and sold to differently, based on their personal interests and needs.  Utilize KJay Internet Marketing Solutions with your traditional and ecommerce marketing efforts.  A niche marketing specialist that can take your company to the next level while expanding your customer base and increasing customer loyalty.

    Promote  your organization by focusing on what your small business offers and what your company is best at it doing.   KJay Internet Marketing can help you build a brand through a series of steps involved that gather the ideas of both your employees and customers, helping define what truly your company is truly the best at!

    Website Marketing Services.

    Whether you are building a brand new website or want to improve upon the website you current have we can help.  Website marketing services including search engine optimization, brand new photographs with KJay Photos, website tune ups, search engine directory listings, Pay Per Click Google Ads, Company Blogs, Facebook Fan Pages, Customer Reviews and other Web 2.0 Social Media Marketing Solutions. Click here for more information.

    Business Development.

    Developing new business has never been easier with Internet Prospecting Services,  Networking opportunities through Social Media tools (Linked In, Facebook, Discussion Forums, Banner Ads, etc.).   KJay Internet Marketing Solutions can help you discover where your business opportunities lie and help you put together a plan to take advantage of these.  Do not wait for business to come to you, develop it. Do you need Sales Leads, call us for prospecting services?  Contact KJAY for assistance today and start making a difference to your bottom line..

    Marketing On and Off the Internet.

    It does not always require a big budget to promote your services on the internet.  Graphic Design Services and Video Production, use video and DVDs to innovatively market to your employees, customers and the world on the world wide web – Click here.

    We can teach you how to advertise on the world wide web by setting up campaigns on Google and Yahoo.  Get your business listed in Google Maps, Yahoo Local Directories, etc.  Search Engine Optimization services to help you write compelling copy that helps define your services as you prospect customers.  Research strategic link opportunities to refer potentital customers to your website.  Turn your website into a Sales Guru that works for you 365 days of the year 24 hours a day.

    K Jay Internet Marketing Services of  Madison, Wisconsin.  A Small Business Coach that works for you.

    Phone: 608-215-0047 (Cell).  608-850-4850 (Line)